Solar Power – Satao Elerai Project

To safeguard the beautiful Elerai Conservancy ecosystem, Satao Elerai has teamed up with Sollatek Electronics Kenya to install a 30 KW hybrid solar off-gird system to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage sustainableenvironmentally friendly tourism.    

Satao Elerai Conservancy is a private conservancy, owned & managed by Satao Elerai and the local Masai Elerai community. It is located on the Eastern side of Amboseli National Park, protecting more than 10,000 acres of natural wildlife area.  The Conservancy forms the critical wildlife corridor linking the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve in Tanzania and the Amboseli National Park. The Conservancy is characterized by a dramatic hilly landscape, which is cut through by a 30 meter deep ravine coming down from Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is here, close to Lake Amboseli that the concentration of wildlife intensifies, from the ever-present herds of elephant to the colorful birdlife.  

Three partners, the privately and community owned Satao Elerai, the African Wildlife Foundation and the local Maasai Elerai community, established the Satao Elerai Community and Wildlife Trust with the objective to support the local Maasai communities through social projects and support wildlife conservation projects funded by the Camp’s eco-tourism.  

The Camp was previously running on standard diesel generators, which consumed large amounts of Diesel and even on limited use released some noise and air pollutants into an otherwise pristine ecosystem. The move to solar hybrid platform is in keeping with the Conservancy & Camp’s goals.   

To power all the needs of Satao Elerai Camp, Sollatek is installing The Hybrid Energy System. A 30 KW hybrid solution including an 8 piece, 400W solar array which charges a 700AH Lithium battery bank as the first option for all the Camp’s energy needs. The equipment is connected to a DC generator that serves as back up to the charging system. It is monitored through an innovative online platform, which helps ensure the Camp’s energy needs are well managed.  With Sollatek’s solution, Satao Elerai will be able to run most of its day-to-day operations sustainably, reduce their carbon footprint, and encourage other hotels, camps, and lodges to adopt renewable energy technology.  

Sollatek is proud to support an initiative like Satao Elerai & its Conservancy, as they run effective social outreach programs to vulnerable groups like the Maasai, manage critical wildlife areas that link animal migration routes and provide protection from poaching to endangered species.  

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