Power Control – SuperFoam iVolt

SuperFoam Limited; Kenya’s leading manufacturer and distributor
of Polyurethane foam products is using iVolt’s groundbreaking technology to make significant improvements in production line efficiency as well as slash energy consumed at their factory’s production line.
Superfoam has always had its roots in technological advances and has the commitment to invest and develop the best Manufacturing equipment and processes. Like most, they were facing huge efficiency losses due to prominent power problems, causing frequent damage to their production line equipment.
Following a sit down with Superfoam’s Energy auditors in search of a solution for protection & energy saving, The IVOLT system was proposed.
The voltage optimization technology was chosen over other systems on the market not only because it’s a variable reduction system offering up to 30% more savings than fixed reduction

units, but because it offers an integrated Intelligent Real Time (IRT TM) energy monitor. This device is capable of accurately tracking the savings being achieved in real-time. Currently, Superfoam’s production line is running efficiently, on clean optimized power, achieving 4.51% energy saving.
On the basis of the success of this project, iVolt is currently looking into projects for the assembly lines as part of the factories’ pursuit to reduce energy consumption and adhere to ERC regulations, and efficiently run the manufacturing process despite frequent power; Improve power protection and energy saving. The iVolt once fitted has a minimum service life of 25 years, making for excellent long-term net savings at the factory. The ongoing costs and maintenance requirements of the iVolt are virtually zero. With a full 15-year parts and labor warranty offered, SuperFoam factory
managers can be confident of ongoing power protection and
energy savings.

The iVolt has really helped us in terms of saving energy and balancing voltages. It has also been very useful when it comes to power protection of our sensitive equipment.
– Mr. Juma Mbara, Site Technician

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