The NotebookGuard

The Sollatek NotebookGuard (NBG) has been designed to protect your laptop against all power problems… but that’s not all.

It’s a plug and play device, ensuring complete hardware and software protection. Once connected in-line with your laptop charger, it will monitor the quality of the mains. Although power problems such as power fluctuations can damage electronics and corrupt your data – By simply connecting to the Sollatek NotebookGuard, not only will it disconnect unreliable power, but it will make sure your laptop is safely up and running.

How does the NBG solve power faults?

If voltage rises to an unacceptable level, it will disconnect the power to allow your laptop battery to takeover. Once the power returns to normal, the NotebookGuard will reconnect the laptop automatically after a brief wait time, ensuring stability and avoiding frequent ON/OFFs.

Suitable for devices that uses up to 2Amps (500VA), the NBG can protect sensitive electronics such as satellite set top boxes and a range of multimedia equipment. The NotebookGuard is available in either Clover Leaf or Figure 8.

3 Main Power Problems the NBG protects against

  • Surges & Spikes – Repeated exposure to spikes and surges will damage electronic equipment and corrupt data.
  • Powerback Surges – Commonly occur after power cuts. As the mains supply resumes, it usually returns with a surge which could be quite high and damaging in many instances.
  • High Voltage – As power fluctuates from unreliable mains or poor distribution networks, the mains voltage can drop or rise. Over voltage above a certain limit can cause instant irreparable damage.

Learn more about the Sollatek NotebookGuard here.

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