The main 6 problems that should be of great concern

The main 6 problems that should be of great concern

Power Cuts

Are common events which result in damage or loss of data due to improper shutdowns primarily found in power distribution companies.

High Voltage

As power fluctuates from unreliable mains or poor distribution networks, the mains voltage can drop or rise. This is sustained over voltage event above a certain limit can cause instant irreparable damage.

Power Back Surges

Commonly occur after power cuts. As the mains supply resumes, it usually returns with a surge which could be quite high and damaging in many instances.

Low Voltage

Similarly, drops in voltage can occur often during fluctuations, over stretched distribution network, excessive demand to the size of the utility or being at the end of a long distribution line. Low voltage is particularly damaging to motor driven equipment and especially fridges, freezers and air conditioners



Loss of Neutral

Can happen at any time due to damage to local transformers or substations because of theft of copper rich neutral cables. This is particularly a threat during load shedding where the power lines are inactive.



Lightning Surges

Whilst the very rare direct hit is near impossible to protect against, the more common voltage surge from nearby activity should be considered and protection measures taken as lightning surges could cause serious damage


Sollatek specializes in Voltage Protection providing solutions to all power problems.

The technology in treatment and diagnostic medical equipment has advanced by leaps and bounds providing highly sophisticated aides to the medical, dental and nursing professionals. Affordability has improved dramatically. Previously, only very expensive centers could afford complicated diagnostic devices, now smaller clinics and in remote areas can also perform complex diagnosis and provide treatments to patients everywhere.

However, power problems is a real concern. These devices are very complex, sensitive electronic equipment. And as often, they are mass produced, they could be made less robust. In short, they are susceptible to unreliable power.

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