Sollatek Kenya Wins Best Voltage Stabilization Award

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Sollatek Kenya wins the “Best Voltage Stabilization Equipment Supplier in 2018” at the Real Estate Excellence awards.

According to the latest Real Estate Index, in the last 5 years, the Real Estate sector in Kenya has been on an exponential growth. This has been the result of the combined efforts by various players and stakeholders in the sector from land agents, property developers, property consultants, real estate related suppliers and the Government.

The Real Estate Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate the key players in various realms of the real estate sector who have achieved outstanding results and have positively impacted the lives of their customers. Everyone nominated to participate in these awards have been selected due to the great efforts their organization has put in place to enhance the goodwill of their current and potential clients.

At the Real Estate Excellence Awards Gala night, Sollatek Kenya received the award for the “Best Voltage Stabilization Equipment Supplier in 2018”. This is a fantastic achievement and great honor which is really earned by our Sollatek Team and loyal customers. We are one of the most reliable, trusted suppliers across East Africa for voltage protection and stabilization products.

Norbert Ochung’, Sollatek Sales Engineer & Sabry O. Hashim, Business Development Manager accepting the award on behalf of Sollatek Kenya

Sollatek is a world leader in voltage protection and power control with a sole focus on protecting electronic equipment against unstable and unreliable voltages. We understand the importance of stable, safe power and we take pride in our customer service and vast range of product offerings.

Award for “Best Voltage Stabilization Equipment Supplier in 2018”

Sollatek’s products change people’s lives. Our products protect consumer’s important electrical equipment from power cuts, power surges, spikes, over voltage, under voltage and power-back surges. This means our customers don’t have to worry about losing power or their important electronics being damaged by bad voltage. Our customers have peace of mind knowing their electronics are protected by a Sollatek product.

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