Top 3 Voltage Solutions for the Festive Holidays

The festive season’s fast approaching and what a busy time to wrap up the year with the gift that keeps on giving. It’s festive, it’s jolly and it’s an adrenaline rush; decorations, Christmas shopping and a gigantic tree with presents underneath. Yes indeed, we’re all excited for the one of the biggest holidays of the year! Nevertheless, this period is when our electrical and electronic devices is used carefree and carelessly, leading to an eventual power-cut. The lighting across the house is buzzing as much as your excitement. The last thing you want is a power-cut! Imagine your TV suffers a power problem like an electrical surge or an over/under voltage crisis before you start your favourite Christmas movie? Sollatek deals with voltage solutions for all known devices and our Guard Range is especially suitable for all known household equipment. It’s better to give than to receive and we’re glad to share our top three products to prevent all types of power problems..

HivoltGuard iSense

The HivoltGuard prevents fluctuation and massive surges, this happens by disconnecting power when it reaches unacceptable voltage levels. The solution to control voltage levels causes a delay to power once it’s back to normal. This ensures appliances is not switched on or off repeatedly to avoid power cuts.

Suitable for:

Media centre
Hi-Fi system
Smartphones and tablets.

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MultiGuard MGX-4UB

The MultiGuard MGX-4UB is high in quality and set at an affordable price. It’s an extension cable capable of providing full protection from surges and spikes. It’s built with two USB ports to make this accessible for all devices. A problem are spikes and surges frequently occurring in households, offices and buildings which gradually deteriorates the reliability and power to your equipment. Repeatedly blowing microscopic holes into the electronic circuit until the equipment is rendered unreliable, the MultiGuard controls the voltage levels to 230V to prevent an increase/decrease to voltage levels. Suitable for: Computers/laptops Smart tablets Audio equipment Smartphones LED TVs Home theatre systems

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TVGuard iSense

Specialises in protecting your televisions however the TVGuard is known to protect a range of devices to ensure security against high voltage, spikes and power-back surges.

Sollatek’s TIMESAVE function provides maximum operation time to your appliance equipped with built-in intelligence to check the off time. When the unit is switched for more than 30 seconds, it’ll reconnect the mains within 10 seconds instead of waiting the standard 30 seconds.

Suitable for: TV, media centres, computer monitors, satellites

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