Pro 300

The Sun King Pro 300 is an affordable and bright solar lantern that provides light for up to 100 hours with its durable, long-lasting battery. It’s an effective solution for your lighting and charging needs, whether you’re studying, cooking, or working at night.

Up to 100 hours of light on a single charge

30X brighter than a kerosene lamp

5.5W Solar Panel

USB for mobile charging

KSh 4,520.00

Adjustable Runtime

If you need powerfully bright illumination right away, you can set your Pro 300 to its Turbo mode for six hours of bright, 300 lumen light. To conserve power and make the most of a single charge, its Normal mode features twelve hours at 150 lumens, and its Low Power mode for over four days at 25 lumens.

Smart Mobile Charging

The Pro 300 features a universal, 5 volt USB port and is equipped with several phone adapters, so you can charge practically any type of mobile phone with solar power.

Extensive Battery Life

Even with daily use and charging, the Pro 300 battery typically lasts 5 years, a 50% improvement over previous Sun King lanterns.

White LED > 300 lumens per watt

Solar Panel

5.5 Watt, polycrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame and a 5 meter cable.


5100 mAh NMC Battery

Battery Indicator

While in use, digital LED meter displays remaining battery power

Charging Indicator

Displays the charging status of the lantern

USB Mobile Charging

Equipped with a universal 5 volt USB phone charging port to enable connectivity on the go. Also, comes with several phone adapters, users can charge nearly any type of mobile phone.

Power Control

Battery management technology auto-switches to low-power mode when battery is running dry, yielding 5 hours of additional light.

Light Modes

3 different light modes for various needs


Rugged ABS and polycarbonate plastic. Keep away from water. In c

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