Online Counterfeits VS Genuine Sollatek Products

Can you spot a Sollatek counterfeit product against a genuine one?

As with many successful brands, online counterfeits have emerged and rapidly increased over the last few years creating confusion with our customers. A recent statistic shows nearly 70% of counterfeit products are sold online. Many consumers have been tricked due to these online Sollatek counterfeit products.

Consumers often buy products online from fake sellers thinking they are buying original Sollatek products. In a recent case which repeats itself very frequently, a buyer bought a Sollatek unit online and it stopped working shortly after purchase. The buyer thought it was a genuine Sollatek product so went to Sollatek Kenya for help only to find out the product was a counterfeit. Consumers are often being tricked as fake sellers are using images of genuine product. The images used online are completely different to the products they will receive as seen with Kev below:


Although the Sollatek counterfeits look very similar to the original products, they pose a great danger and do not protect electronic equipment against over/under voltage, spikes and surges like the genuine Sollatek products. Whilst many online counterfeits copy the original manufacturer’s packaging, service and warranty promise, the customer will always be left disappointed when the counterfeit fails. When this happens, the retailer selling the counterfeit won’t be able to deliver any warranty or service.

There are many online resellers currently selling fake counterfeit Sollatek products. There are only 3 authentic online websites to buy Sollatek products, these are:

If you are buying online, please make sure you are using only one of the above online resellers. Any other website you may come across will be selling counterfeit products.

Be careful and say no to fakes, stay original!

Genuine Sollatek products are sold only through authorised resellers only, who are able to meet the full warranty commitment made at the point of sale.