Voltage Regulators and Stabilisers – A comparison between Solid State and Servo

Voltage regulators stabilize the voltage when it fluctuates, up or down. They are essential whenever reliable power is needed or when the normal operation of electrical or electronic equipment is disrupted by variations. An ideal solution would be a fit & forget solution. One that requires no maintenance and no human intervention once installed. It should […]

The NotebookGuard

The Sollatek NotebookGuard (NBG) has been designed to protect your laptop against all power problems… but that’s not all. It’s a plug and play device, ensuring complete hardware and software protection. Once connected in-line with your laptop charger, it will monitor the quality of the mains. Although power problems such as power fluctuations can damage […]

The main 6 problems that should be of great concern

The main 6 problems that should be of great concern Sollatek specializes in Voltage Protection providing solutions to all power problems. The technology in treatment and diagnostic medical equipment has advanced by leaps and bounds providing highly sophisticated aides to the medical, dental and nursing professionals. Affordability has improved dramatically. Previously, only very expensive centers […]

Top 3 Voltage Solutions for the Festive Holidays

The festive season’s fast approaching and what a busy time to wrap up the year with the gift that keeps on giving. It’s festive, it’s jolly and it’s an adrenaline rush; decorations, Christmas shopping and a gigantic tree with presents underneath. Yes indeed, we’re all excited for the one of the biggest holidays of the […]

Protection For Sensitive Medical Equipment

The main 6 problems that should be of great concern with all types of equipment. The technology in treatment & diagnostic Medical equipment has advanced by leaps and bounds providing highly sophisticated aides to the medical, dental & nursing professionals. Affordability has improved dramatically as well. While only very expensive centers could afford complicated diagnostic […]

Sollatek Kenya Ltd was recognized in The 29th Kenya Homes Expo

Yet another award @ The 29th Kenya Homes Expo. EAST & CENTRAL AFRICA’S BIGGEST HOMES SHOW The Kenya Homes Expo is a brand of Homes Kenya Limited, publisher of Homes Kenya Magazine, a glossy, high quality magazine that focuses on the real estate and interior decor industry in East Africa. Speaking to a niche market that appreciates […]

Sollatek Kenya Ltd was recognized in 2nd Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards

Lightning strikes again @ The Real Estate Excellence awards. Real leaders in real estate The Real Estate Excellence Award celebrates forward thinkers and key players ready to push boundaries in the real estate sector. Organisations nominated to participate in this event are acknowledged for their outstanding work ethic and influence, with the sole purpose of […]

OVO Foundation funds £1.75m electrification project in Kenya

PV systems installation

OVO Foundation has increased its investment in Project Jua, an energy access project implemented by Energy 4 Impact that will benefit 300,000 people across 300 sites in 3 years. Solar energy will power educational equipment in schools and lighting in hospitals in some of Kenya’s poorest and hardest to reach areas, improving young people’s education and […]

Online Counterfeits VS Genuine Sollatek Products

Can you spot a Sollatek counterfeit product against a genuine one? As with many successful brands, online counterfeits have emerged and rapidly increased over the last few years creating confusion with our customers. A recent statistic shows nearly 70% of counterfeit products are sold online. Many consumers have been tricked due to these online Sollatek counterfeit […]

Sollatek Kenya Wins Best Voltage Stabilization Award

Award Pic

Sollatek Kenya wins the “Best Voltage Stabilization Equipment Supplier in 2018” at the Real Estate Excellence awards. According to the latest Real Estate Index, in the last 5 years, the Real Estate sector in Kenya has been on an exponential growth. This has been the result of the combined efforts by various players and stakeholders […]

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