Case Study – Solar Water Pumping

Sollatek’s helical rotor pumps are high quality products designed for drinking water supply, livestock watering and smaller irrigation applications. Sollatek’s pump systems delivers water economically, cleanly and reliably, anywhere.

The Sollatek offers a full range of top quality DC powered helical rotor pumps have been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using low levels of power from up to 450 m below the ground. These are paired with high quality PV pan- els with a 20 year warranty.

For Wachira’s SWP project in Machakos County near Makuyu, the system was a combination of 6x300W solar panels to power a Sollatek PS1800 submersible pump. This was in- stalled in a 138m deep borehole to provide 7m3/day of water for domestic and farming use. The panels were mounted on a 5m-high ground mounted structure located halfway between the borehole and the delivery point (tank), pictured below.

PV Stand, Wachira Project

For Wathome’s SWP Project installed near Sagana in Kirinyaga County, the system was a combination of 4 x 200W solar panels to power a Sollatek PS1800 submersible pump. The system was installed in a 130m deep borehole to provide 1m3/hour of water for rotational crops farming use. The panels were roof-mounted on the power house next to the borehole.

“Now that I have a constant supply of water thanks to the system installed by Sollatek, I will be able to grow the horticulture crops I always wanted and will be able to reach the KPIs set for my farm.”

– Mr. Benrard Wathome, Client 

Each site is unique, therefore requires a full site survey before providing a quote or selecting a system. The two systems outlined above should be seen as examples of how solar water pumping systems can be tailor made to your specifications. All additional plumbing works needs to be done by a professional.

Based on the current cost of water, each system will, on average, pay for itself within 2-3 years. SEKL offers a 1 year warranty on all parts and labour.