Your home is where you feel most comfortable; or rather, where you should be feeling most comfortable. Now imagine one stormy night, the kids are upstairs, your husband is in the garage, and you’re all alone in the TV room. Suddenly, the power goes out. Here comes the tough question you ask yourself; how much damage will I find once the power is back?

Let’s start with the TV you’ve been watching. Say goodbye to those Spanish Soaps (or football games). News? Nah, read the paper. Catching up on series? Use your laptop!

Oh wait, you find that your laptop has fallen into this mess too. Now what? I guess you’ll have to take out your 1 year’s savings to buy a new TV. In this case, two years savings to buy both a TV AND laptop.

So you start to feel hungry with all this stress and you walk over to your fridge; excited because of the chicken you marinated in the morning. If your day wasn’t bad enough, it just got worse. Your chicken has gone bad, and it turns out your fridge went off completely due to the power fluctuations throughout the day, even before the power cut. Frustrated, you take a shortcut and order some food. But that’s five of you in one house so you pay for three or four large pizzas. You speak to your wife/husband, and tell him that “it’s time to tell the kids we are broke”.

Your son comes down the stairs panicking; he has an essay due tomorrow morning at 8.30am and has to print it tonight. You ask what’s wrong. Fearing the worst at this point. You were right, say goodbye to that expensive printer. “If only we had something that protected machines from lightning”, you think to yourself.

After such a long, terrifying and stressful night, you decide to hit the sheets. Its summer season and the fans just won’t do the trick. You get into your pajamas and into bed, switching on the A/C. Ten minutes later and you’re sweating. What happened to the A/C? Oh no, no no no. Can this night get any worse?


At this point you have had enough. This is has become yours, and your family’s personal domestic device horror story and you can’t afford to let this happen again. The next day, you head over to your nearest supermarket and straight to the electronics section. You inquire for a solution to these problems.

To your surprise, there’s a solution for EACH problem. TV protection? Here’s a Sollatek TV Guard.



Laptop protection? Here’s a Sollatek Notebook Guard.



Fridge protection? Here’s a Sollatek Fridge Guard.



Lightning protection? Here’s a Sollatek Lightning Guard.



A/C protection? Here’s a Sollatek A/C Guard.


Wow, you are so happy at this point with all the varieties of voltage protection devices. How could you have not known this before? Despite the fact that you now have to buy new devices, you are glad to know that this won’t happen again.

You tell your friends and family all about this experience and keep repeating these words; “Choose Safety, Choose Protection, Choose Happiness. Choose Sollatek”.