Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Women and Electronics/Technology

As women, we always seem to get the male figures in our household to ‘fix’ or handle anything electronic related. Do we do this only because we automatically assume they will have the solution? Or have we at least tried to figure these things out on our own? When we go shopping, how many times do we take an interest in the electronic / technological product features? The most important question we have to ask ourselves; how much do we really know about women and electronics? Women are actually very fast learners, and their capabilities are great.

It has been wonderful to discover all the amazing facts about women in the electronic/technology industry. Women should continue to feel encouraged and empowered, to understand that this is not only a man’s world, but a woman’s too, and we are just as capable of understanding electronic and technological products.

Here are the top 5 things you probably didn’t know about women & electronics/technology:


  1. Women Buy More Technology than Men


Yes, that’s right! According to a new study conducted by Parks Associates, three out of four consumer electronics categories are purchased by mostly WOMEN! These include laptops, smartphones & tablets. As this has been proved, that goes to show just how much interest women have in electronic products, in fact, more interest than they even realize themselves.



     2. There is a whole organization dedicated to women & electronics  


This is called the Women in Electronics (WIE); a non-profit organization which provides a professional network for women involved in all segments of the electronics industry! Empowering our current & future female electronic business owners, engineers, manufacturers and plenty more roles in that segment.



       3. Women used to handle electronic equipment in factories



During the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, women assembled technologies in most factories. Although the key electrical & electronic devices were invented by men, it was our women who assembled these technologies’. Thanks to women, these old school technologies were efficiently produced!



     4. Women invented many of the electronics/technologies used today

A few examples include:

  • The Modern Electric Refrigerator       flo

The first version was invented by Florence Parpart in 1914



  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV)             cctv

Invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown, patented in 1969



  • Computerized Telephone Switching System    chicago-cta-switchboard-operator-merchandise-mart-1957-617x355

Created by Erna Schneider Hoover, an American Mathematician.



  • Dishwasher        pic1

Invented by Josephine Chrane in 1883



5.  Last but not least, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer were all listed as some of the most powerful Women in the Tech industry by Forbes Magazine in 2015.


And there you go. Some interesting facts about women you probably hadn’t heard about before. Share and spread the awareness!