TVs have become the center piece of home entertainment systems and are playing important roles in our lives. Not only are they a convenient source of entertainment but also comparatively, a cheap one.

Many of us have TVs and are happy to enjoy our favourite soap operas, agriculture shows or even catching up with the current affairs all over the world. This treasured home appliance however is always at risk when plugged into the socket and the power is turned ON.

Supply from the mains is usually unstable and unreliable, hindered with Voltage fluctuations, Dips & surges, brownouts and a lot of other nasty conditions because of supply & distribution inefficiencies and uneven loading.

Televisions like all other electronics are designed to handle specific voltages and are prone to damage when exposed to over voltage and power surges. Generally speaking the greater the voltage, and the longer the period, over which they are experienced, the greater the damage will likely be.

Sudden, severe voltage surges like those experienced as a result of lightning can cause almost immediate and total failure of the television, requiring expensive repair work or replacement.  Small voltage surges are capable of causing damage over an extended period of time. One common example of the damage that can be caused by excessive voltage involves the rapid heating and subsequent cooling of electrical wiring. Over time this repeated overheating can lead to “electronic rust” and eventual failure of devices.

It is also important to note that minor voltage surges can frequently go unnoticed; these do not cause immediate failure, the owner may not be aware that their television is being degraded on a consistent basis. As a result, power surges are one of the “silent killers” taking years of expected life off your electronic devices.

Everybody tends to guard and care for what they love the most, so if you love your television, it is wise to mitigate the risks that power fluctuations can cause with the voltage protection.

Sollatek offers different ways to protect your valuable equipment that fit your local power situation, equipment and your wallet.

TVSTAB and TVGUARD will both protect your TVs but they have different features. The TVSTAB will provide you with voltage stabilisation and protection for all your TVs and multimedia equipment against high voltage while the TVGUARD will protect it against high voltage, brown-outs and voltage dips. The below comparison table summarises their features and functions.

-By disconnecting the power when it is bad, the TVGUARD safeguards against short term and long term damage to ensure higher efficiency from your appliances


                                                      Image tvs  tvguard
Features -Microprocessor controlled stabiliser

-Wide input voltage range

-Excellent output voltage stability

-Incorporates circuit breaker

-Fast response

-10 sec startup delay

-AVS function disconnect the power to your appliance if the mains goes above a pre-set limit.

-The iSense™ function allows you to control how sensitive the TVGUARD is to voltage problems.

-30 seconds start-up delay

 Protection -High voltage

-Low voltage



-High voltage


-Powerback surges


How it works -Monitor and correct the incoming supply continuously. If the voltage rises or drops, it will correct the output to ensure that the voltage reaching your equipment remains within the operating range of the appliances connected to it.
Advantages -Your TV remains ON and Protected within a wider range of power voltage. It only goes off if the voltage goes very high beyond. -Your TV goes OFF with power fluctuation.

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