Customer Name: Steven Mwinzi

Month: September 2016


The world is constantly looking for alternative energy sources due to 2 main reasons:

1) Oil prices are on the rise.

2) Oil is not an infinite resource.

Apart from the above reasons, the world is also looking for renewable and sustainable sources of energy in order to protect and reduce the harm caused to the environment. The impressive rise of the solar industry in Kenya is well documented, such that more houses, businesses and public entities have installed solar power over the years. Thousands of homes have already realised the cost savings and other benefits of solar power.

Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd, one of the leading supplier of solar products was contracted to install a solar system in Kitui, a remote part of the country where electricity has not been installed.

Designed by Sollatek engineers, the solar system was supposed to power, 6 tube lights (2ft long), 10 energy saving lights, 1 TV, and 1 small fridge.

The solar system comprised of:

  • 6 Panels of 250W to harness the energy from the sun.
  • 12v 200aH batteries to store energy
  • Charge controller 60A/24V to regulate charge
  • Inverter 1.4KVA 24V to convert DC to AC power
  • Timer for security lights to operate automatically from 6pm to 6am

The 1500W system comprised of 6 x250w panels assembled in 1 array of 6 panels. Batteries of 12V 200AH were grouped in series to give 24V which was needed in the system, a 60A/24V charge controller to regulate the rate of charge and discharge from the batteries, and an inverter of 1.4KVA/24V to convert the DC to AC power.


Batteries and inverter layout (Client requested the frame to be made locally by his carpenter)

Timer for security lights to operate automatically from 6pm to 6am was also installed.


Timer for the security lights automation.

Sollatek technicians diligently carried out this project where the living and working conditions are tough with distinction.


  1. Financial stability: it gives the house holder opportunity to save on fuel costs such as paraffin and candles. He has also started a business of charging mobile phones for the community, thus helps him get some extra income on a daily basis.
  2. Security: Steven’s home is located near the Tsavo West national park, at night wild animals stray to his compound and attack his domestic animals. The lighting system installed around his compound is now providing security and he no longer has to light up fires to keep the wild animals away.
  3. Benefits from his electronic devices: The owner is now able to store perishables in the fridge and he is able to get first hand news from the TV
  4. Charity: Steven has set aside a study room in his home for the children in his community to study in the evening after school for free.