Line Interactive Ultima UPS


The Sollatek Ultima – available in 600VA, 800VA, and 1000VA, 1400VA and 2000VA ratings—is the perfect line interactive UPS for stand alone PCs and SoHo workstations. It protects your network equipment from power surges, brownouts and utility failures at a competitive cost. Its compact design features tighter output voltage and frequency regulation, RS232 and USB communications port, and modem/data line protection.


  • Microprocessor controlled line interactive UPS.
  • Automatic Voltage Stabiliser with two boost and one buck taps.
  • RS232 and USB communications port with software for controlling the PC for safe shutdown and UPS parameter reporting via user friendly interface.
  • Unique system for charging battery even during a brown out (If the load is off).
  • Short circuit and overload protection.
  • Cold start feature for load shedding environments.
  • Bad battery detection and advance replacement notifi cation (3 months ahead).
  • Free power monitoring and PC shutdown software included.
  • Green power function for energy saving.
  • DC start function.
  • Auto restart while AC recovery.
  • Compact size and light weight.
  • Provides modem/phoneline surge protection


TV, Video, Hi-Fi, Computers, Fax machines and all office equipment. PABX, Satellite equipment and all Telecomm equipment

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