Protection For Sensitive Medical Equipment

Sollatek, a 35 year old company, specializes in Voltage Protection that will provide solutions to every voltage power problem that exists.

All electrical and electronic equipment need protecting against power problems, medical equipment needs protection even more so.

The main 6 problems that should be of great concern with all types of equipment.

1. Power Cuts – Are common events whether accidental or due to an event at the power distribution company. These can cause damage or loss of data due to improper shutdowns.

2. High Voltage or Over Voltage – As power fluctuates due to unreliable mains or poor distribution network, the mains voltage can drop or rises. A sustained over voltage event especially above a certain limit can be catastrophic and cause instant irreparable damage.

3. Power Back surges – commonly occur after power cuts. As the mains supply resumes, it usually returns with a surge which could be quite high & quite damaging in some instances. Ensuring the power has settled before resumption is important.

4. Low Voltage or Brown outs – Similarly, drops in voltage can occur often during fluctuations, over stretched distribution network, excessive demand to the size of the utility or being at the end of a long distribution line. Low voltage is particularly damaging to motor driven equipment and especially fridges, freezers, air cons, etc

5. Loss of Neutral (LoN) – Can occur at anytime due to damage to the local transformers/substation or due to theft of copper rich neutral cables. This is particularly a threat by copper thieves during load shedding where the power lines are not Live. LoN is one of the most serious and damaging events. When it occurs, the line voltage will rise form a normal 220/230 to 400/415V causing instant catastrophic damage and even risk of fire.

6. Lightning Surges – Lightning activity is high in many areas in the globe. During lightning storms, nearby structures, buildings are vulnerable to surges caused by lightning. Whilst the very rare direct hit is near impossible to protect against, the more common voltage surge from nearby activity should be considered and protection measures taken as lightning surges could cause serious damage. Lightning storms could also cause collateral damage (like Transformer/substation damage, trees falling on electricity wires) which could bring about all of the above voltage problems.

The technology in treatment & diagnostic Medical
equipment has advanced by leaps and bounds providing highly sophisticated aides to the medical, dental & nursing professionals.

Affordability has improved dramatically as well. While only very expensive centers could afford complicated diagnostic devices, today, smaller clinics and in remote areas as well can afford to perform complex diagnosis and provide treatments
to patients everywhere.

However, power problems is a real concern. These devices are very complex, sensitive electronic equipment. And as often, they are mass produced, they could be made less robust. In short, they are very susceptible to unreliable power.

The cost of damage can be incalculable both in monetary terms and patient risk.

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