OVO Foundation has increased its investment in Project Jua,
an energy access project implemented by Energy 4 Impact &
Sollatek Kenya that will benefit 300,000 people across 300
sites in 3 years. Solar energy will power educational equipment
in schools and lighting in hospitals in some of Kenya’s
poorest and hardest to reach areas, improving young people’s
education and health.
Project Jua is supporting the Kenyan Government’s overall
electrification programme and helping the country leapfrog
the need to power their lives from centralised polluting fossil
fuel plants through innovative off-grid solutions.
Project Jua builds on its 2017 pilot, in which Energy 4 Impact,
& Sollatek Kenya with funding from the OVO Foundation, installed
20 solar systems in two of the poorest counties in Kenya:
Turkana and Kilifi. The success of this pilot demonstrates

the cost-effectiveness of delivering off-grid solar and storage
on a relatively small scale in the development sector.
Project Jua is now expanding to five counties where electrification
is far below the national average of 56%, including:

“We’re thrilled to continue supporting the OVO Foundation’s
ambitions to expand energy access in Kenya. This
initiative complements the government’s electrification
efforts by targeting communities where grid-based solutions
are not viable because of their remoteness and high
investment cost. We owe the success of the pilot to the
overwhelming support by county governments and to the
effective partnership with the local communities, schools,
health clinics, and Sollatek, the solar equipment supplier.
The benefits of a scaled-up programme will extend to the
poorest and most deprived people of Kenya.
– Godfrey Sanga, Energy 4 Impact’s Director, East Africa “

Turkana (2.4%), Kwale (10.6%), Taita-Taveta (15%), Kilifi
(16.7%), Isiolo (18.5%).

For millions of people without access to electricity, electrification
has brought life-changing benefits, leading to improved
education outcomes, a safer environment for children to study
at nighttime, and a reliable electricity supply for vaccines and
medical equipment.