Power Surge or Power Spike? Know the difference

Knowledge Centre: What is voltage spike and surges?

In electrical engineering, spikes and surges are very harmful to equipment. Although spikes and surges harm equipment differently, the damage is still the same.

Power spikes are very short pulses of energy on a power line and contain very high voltages. These spikes only last a few milliseconds, but they have the potential to cause great damage to sensitive equipment. Often equipment does not fail right away; however in many instances when it does, this seriously affects the shelf life of any electrical equipment.

Power surges are a temporary increase in a voltage on a power line. Typically surges have less voltage than spikes, however they last much longer and sometimes can surges are preceded by spikes.

For this reason, it is essential to protect your electrical equipment ensuring and extending the shelf life of your expensive electrical equipment. At Sollatek, we’ve got the right solution for you to help with spikes and surges –find out which one.