Voltage Protection

Frequency Error Detection on AVS13 & AVS15
New models of the AVS13 & AVS15 have a frequency detection feature. If the mains frequency strays outside an acceptable range (and thus could be damaging to your equipment) the AVS will disconnect the power and the two Red LEDs (low & high voltage) will start flashing. Once the frequency returns to normal, the AVS will reconnect automatically after the pre-set delay. This feature is present in AVS13  & AVS15 with serial numbers equal or great than 425940000.
What equipment can be damaged by high voltage and low voltage?
High Voltage and Spikes damage electronic equipment (e.g. TV, video, computers) and Low Voltage damages compressors and motors (e.g. Fridges, air conditioners, and pumps). Some machines contain both electronics and motors (e.g. Photocopiers, microwave ovens) so need protection against both high and low voltage. +/-4% accuracy is better than any power utility provides. These criteria should not be the reason for choosing a stabilizer. Mechanical stabilizers suffer from many disadvantages.
The SVS range uses relays. Wouldn’t that produce noise when switching and interruption of the supply?
In a lot of makes, this can. However, the Sollatek SVS uses the unique Zero-Volt Switching technique which ensures that no noise is generated and no interruption of the supply takes place.
Should I use the AVS or a stabilizer to protect my equipment?
A Stabiliser is not normally a protection device unless it has the AVS function built-in. To explain; a stabilizer is intended to correct the incoming voltage to an acceptable level. However, if the voltage fluctuates outside the range of the stabilizer then the voltage correction might not be adequately safe for your equipment. For this reason, we build the AVS function into our SVS range of stabilizers in order to DISCONNECT the power & then reconnect it automatically once the voltage is within safe limits again!
How many appliances can I connect to one AVS?
Depends. The AVS13 is rated at 13Amps, AVS15 at 15Amps and so on. You can connect (using standard multi-way adaptor) as many appliances as you wish as long as you do not exceed the rating of the AVS.
Automatic Voltage Switcher AVS Is the AVS simply a spike protector?
No. The AVS protects against Surges, Spikes, Over-Voltage, Undervoltage, Power Back Surges. It also incorporates a 1-minute delay on startup and after power cuts to ensure the stability of the power before re-connection.
Is it true the solar panel discharges the battery at night?
Yes if there is no reverse blocking diode.
Is it advisable to backup your Solar battery with a generator in case of low sunlight?
Yes, it is a good idea to have a stand by generator to charge your batteries during cloudy or rainy days.
I’ve protected my fridge with a Sollatek Fridge guard. Unfortunately, a power surge destroys my fridge. Who’s fault is this? Where should I claim compensation.
Power surge that may destroy a fridge would be a high voltage. Fridge guard does not protect against high voltage. You may make a claim to Kenya Power and Lighting.
This applies to the Voltshield. Sometimes after the waiting period is over and the green led comes on but the power does not pass through. What normally happens?
Check for loose connections on the sockets. If none is found, take it to an Authorised Sollatek Service center as it could be the relay has failed.
Is it advisable to charge a solar battery with an electric charger?
Yes. It's also advisable to ensure the charge amps does not exceed 10% of the batteries amp hours rating. For example, if its a 100AH battery, the charge amps should not exceed 10A, similarly if its a 200AH battery, the charge amps should not exceed 20A
Is there any special cables to be used in Solar Power.
Solar systems use the same kind of cables as used in AC powered systems. The difference is that in some cases the cable is required to be thicker because of the bigger current that flows through them.
Can Solar be used as a standby in case of KL&LC power loss.
Yes but it would be more economical to just charge the batteries with KP&LC via the inverter charger.
Is there any step-up device that can raise solar power.
There is a device that can convert the 12 or 24Vdc of solar power to the 240Vac of normal mains. Its called an inverter.
Can Solar batteries be replaced with Car batteries.
No. Solar batteries are designed to supply small currents for long periods of time hence the thicker plated and heavier weight. Car batteries are designed to supply huge currents for short periods of time hence the thinner plates and lighter weight. A car battery will not last as long as a solar battery when used in a solar electric system.
Some customers always ask for a waiting guard while their device has gone for repair. Please if you can provide one voltguard per branch.
There is no guarantee that the clients will return the waiting guard or that they will need only one voltguard. The best thing is to advise the customer to buy a spare unit.
We heard that genset power is not clean therefore somebody has to use protective appliances to protect his/her equipment. What about power generated from the Sun or windpower. Should it also be protected against surges.
Generally solar or windpowered systems ( and Gensets of 5kva and above) deliver clean power. The only surge protectors you may need are for lightning protection in areas notorious for lightning storms. Otherwise there is no need to protect your equipment against power from solar, or wind.