An Interview with Sollatek Electronics Kenya’s Managing Director, Mr. Saleem Abdulla conducted by Marcopolis as part of the Kenya Report focused on topics such as investments, doing business, economy and regional integration. Let’s talk about the region, which you cover. Please tell us about the East African region. How would you describe and assess your sector? We can […]

Elizabeth’s education background is in medical engineering with the aim to work in hospitals and medical faculties, however in 1998, she applied and was offered a job as a technician with Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd (SEKL). She was the only female technical then and remains the only female technician now. Sollatek has put her skills and […]

All electrical and electronic equipment, connected to the mains supply is at risk of being damaged from spikes, surges, lightning, power cuts, brown-outs, power-cuts (blackouts), power back surges, and over-voltage. The following is a summary of the main types of power problems, causes and how these affect electrical and electronic equipment.   Spikes/Surge: Very short, […]

Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd Awarded Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge Grant Mombasa, Kenya – Solar energy and power control solutions specialist, Sollatek Electronics (Kenya) Ltd (SEKL) in partnership with Indian Ocean Water Body, the managing body for the coastal Beach Management Units, is pleased to announce the awarding of the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge […]