Nairobi city consistantly experiences high levels of voltage
between 245V – 255V. At these levels, coupled with erractic
power condition such as surges and spikes, can result
in serious damage, malfunctioning or shorten lifespan of
equipment. South Korean Embassy residence has experienced
serious equipment failure due to erratic power.
Following a detailed power analysis & equipment audit
at the residence, Sollatek proposed the iVolt solution to
address both regulating power to ensure good quality and
energy saving measure to comply with Energy Regulatory
laws now in effect in Kenya.
The iVolt system not only ensures that the power quality
reaching electrical & electronics equipment in the residence
is at optimal levels, preventing damages, but also
reduces the overall voltage consumption resulting in the
added benefit of energy savings.

The voltage optimization technology was chosen over other
systems on the market not only because it’s a variable reduction
system offering up to 30% more savings than fixed
reduction units, but because it offers an integrated Intelligent
Real Time (IRT TM) energy monitor. This device is capable of
accurately tracking the savings being achieved in real time.

The iVolt has really helped us in terms of protecting our equipment.
We experienced a power surged however nothing was
damaged. We anticipate decent energy savings as well.
– Mr. Kim Jonghee, Site Technical Manager

The South Korean Residence since implementation of the
iVolt, is experiencing a 4.3% energy saving on their electricity
bill, reduction in carbon emissions, overall protection
for all the equipment on premise. They will see a reduction
in maintenance costs due to errantic power. The Korean Residence
is also complies with the Energy Regulatory laws; that
require large consumers to implement energy saving measures
including an energy audits every 3 years.
The iVolt system has a lifespan of about 25 years, ensuring
the South Korean Embassy Residence continues to enjoy the
benefits of the iVolt system for many years to come.