Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) is a leading regional bank, listed
on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. An affiliate of the Aga Khan
Development Network (AKDN), DTB has operated in East Africa
for over 60 years. DTB’s focus on the SME sector and
commitment to enhancing convenience for customers through
branch network expansion has driven the Bank’s growth in recent
With 69 branches in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi,
some of which operate 7-days a week for extended hours, DTB
is committed to enabling people to advance with confidence
and success. The Bank’s heritage and values are articulated in
its brand promise, Achieve More, and brought to life through
an engaged diverse workforce.

Regulated Power Output
Due to frequent power fluctuation in Kenya which has resulted
to massive destruction of the banks power equipment i.e.
IT equipments and work station computers and printers even.

some of their ATM machines, Sollatek Kenya has supplied installed
and commissioned more than 30 AVR to all the existing
DTB branches in Kenya to provide reliable, regulated
power supply.
As a result, there has been reduced cost in repair and replacement
cost to these equipment and to some extent reduction in
generator running cost.
All Sollatek AVRs employ high performance solid state technology,
which not only makes them ultra-fast at correcting
voltage variations but also much less expensive than other
stabilizer technologies, such as those that use mechanical systems.
The compact design also means that they are virtually
maintenance free and offer longer operation lifetime.

Leading technology
By using microprocessor technology, Sollatek AVRs can rapidly
detect voltage variations and correct the output to ensure a
steady supply. They allow a very wide input range (from -30%
to +22%of the nominal voltage level) and have a voltage correction
speed of 1250 V per second.
Sollatek are a world leader in the field of voltage regulation
and protection, So wherever the electrical supply is erratic or
unreliable, Sollatek has the ideal solution for protecting industrial,
commercial or domestic installations.