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Range of solid-state products that stabilise or regulate the power when the voltage rises or drops below accceptable levels.

This range utilises our unique Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS) function, which disconnects erratic power & then automatically reconnects after the voltage ...

Image of some products in the Voltshield category

Devices that suppress and protect against spikes, surges, lightning (DSP only), RFI & noisy electrical interference.

Image of some products in the Voltsafe category

A robust, fully line-interactive UPS system, the Ultima also provides protection & a reliable source of back-up power for computers or ...

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Sollatek’s range of Solar Power products includes Solar Kits, Solar Panels. Solar DC Lights, Solar Lanterns, Solar Charge Controllers ...


Started in 1985 Sollatek has developed a range of Voltage Switchers, Stabilisers & UPS’s to protect your fridge, TV, air-conditioner, computer & other electrical appliances against fluctuating mains power & power surges.

In the rural areas of East Africa, where no mains power is available, Sollatek has been a pioneer in developing reliable low cost Solar Home Systems (SHS), which are used to power DC Lights, DC TVs & Radios. Today Sollatek has developed larger solar systems to power Colour TV’s, fridges & water pumps.

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